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Angeleita Floyd


Women flute players; Flute music (Jazz);


My thesis is designed to explore the challenges female jazz flutists have faced breaking into the jazz world. This is important because not many flutists, especially females, are involved in the jazz world as soloists, bandleaders, or composers. The primary purpose of this thesis is to increase understanding and awareness of the flute as a jazz instrument. I also hope to increase interest in jazz in my flute colleagues. I researched the history of the flute in jazz, focusing on female jazz flutists; specifically, Ali Ryerson, Holly Hofmann, and Jamie Baum, among others. I looked at their influences and background in jazz, what struggles they may have overcome, and what accomplishments and contributions they have made in their field. I also conducted personal interviews with female jazz flutists in person at the 2014 National Flute Convention, by telephone, and by email to increase my understanding and to hear firsthand what it is like to be a female flutist playing jazz. In addition, as part of my goal to increase knowledge of and interest in the flute as a jazz instrument, I chose a standard jazz band chart, “Things Ain’t What They Used to Be”, and arranged it for jazz flute big band. I worked with the Northern Iowa Flute Choir and volunteer members of a standard rhythm section to rehearse and perform the work at my thesis presentation.

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