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First Advisor

Michael Walter


Bacillus anthracis; Bacteriophages; Macrophages;


This project hopes to determine a reliable method for getting bacteriophages of Bacillus anthracis to be taken up by bovine macrophages for visualization and to select for bacteriophages that can survive ingestion by macrophages. if possible, a selected phage will be ingested by macrophages and survive the cell’s internal chemical digestive processes. Ideally, phages will also be taken in at a high enough rate so as to be visualized using fluorescent microscopy techniques. Since phages alone are incredibly small (ranging from 24-200nm in length) and thus almost impossible to visualize individually, they must be adhered to some larger “carrier” to be taken into the cell. Two carriers for phages will be tested: spores and fluorescent beads, aka ‘fluorospheres’. Each of these carriers have their advantages, which will be discussed more in the methods section of this thesis.

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Department of Biology

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