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Gowri Betrabet Gulwadi


Educational technology; Classrooms--Design;


The purpose of this thesis is to find and discuss interior design solutions for incorporating modern and future technology into elementary schools. In order to do that, this thesis will first review current literature on classroom technology use and classroom design. After the literature review, this thesis will analyze images of current classroom designs using photo-analysis. Understanding what research has already been done and what classrooms currently look like is important in order to understand existing needs and possible solutions.

Next, the thesis discusses the results of a survey that was created and distributed to teachers in the Midwest. This primary research provides insight to the attitudes of current teachers and gives a sample of some of the issues they are facing. After the discussion of the survey, three new classroom prototypes are presented to show how technology can be incorporated into the classroom. The three designs each represent a different level of technology usage and are meant to be used as illustrative examples for designers. The prototypes can be modified to fit any school and serve as a foundation for classroom design.

The goal is that designers and teachers can read, view, and understand the research and designs presented in this thesis so that they can use that knowledge to understand and improve the way that technology is incorporated into the classroom they are designing or using.

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School of Applied Human Sciences

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