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Bettina Fabos


Women in advertising; Women in marketing; Women in the mass media industry;


This ethnographic study provides current insights into the barriers women experience as they seek executive positions in the media and advertising industries—careers largely held by men. Interviews with women who currently or have previously held management roles in media and advertising companies are analyzed and presented. The knowledge gained from these interviews raises awareness of the lack of women’s voices on the media channels that influence a society’s perception of what is socially and culturally acceptable. This research also counteracts an absence of recent research regarding this topic. As the study evolved, it looked more at the relationships between women in a professional setting in these industries, and provided suggestions to women looking to achieve in the media and advertising fields. Finally, this paper accompanies a tangible video piece depicting abstract visuals that complement the quotes taken from the interviewees’ responses. As an Electronic Media major, it is fitting for me to look at these issues in a more visual way than could be conveyed through a research paper. In addition, creating the video helped me more thoroughly experience and understand the issues raised by my interviewees.

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Department of Communication Studies

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A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the designation University Honors

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