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Kenneth Bleile


Aphasic persons--Rehabilitation; Aphasia--Treatment;


The purpose of this study is to address the common language production impairments found in people with Broca’s aphasia and sequential bilinguals and examine potential therapy and training techniques which can be used to improve language performance. This thesis analyzes existing literature on the neurological findings of Broca’s aphasia and sequential bilingualism to look for similarities at the level of the brain and to theorize the possible benefits of crossover of therapy and treatment techniques. As little research has been conducted on this relationship before, the following research includes an extensive literature review over these two distinct populations, as well as conclusions I have drawn from my findings. This paper also explores possible effects of anxiety on language and provides a set of recommendations I have created that can be used with both populations to reduce anxiety and optimize language production performance.

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Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders

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A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the designation University Honors

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