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Lisa Jepsen


Coaches (Athletics)--Salaries, etc; Sex discrimination in sports; Sex discrimination against women;


This paper examines the possibility of discrimination based on gender and/or race in NCAA Division-I coaching. High-profile male coaches earn higher salaries than female coaches, which could reflect labor-market discrimination. This paper investigates the determinants of coaches’ compensation. Because the number of female coaches in men’s sports is trivial, this study is limited to women’s sports. Using salary data from the 2012 fiscal year for public universities in three Division-I conferences – Missouri Valley, Big 10, and Big 12 – I look at a variety of revenue and non-revenue generating women’s sports. I model head coaches’ annual salaries as the dependent variable and numerous career and collegiate statistics as the independent variables. I do not find a statistically significant effect of gender or race with respect to earnings.

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