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Roberta Roth


Management information systems--Vocational guidance; University of Northern Iowa. College of Business--Curricula;


Management Information Systems often referred to as MIS is the people-oriented use of computers in business. MIS is both a field of study and a career path. It combines the foundations of computing, analysis, and business in to one field of study. MIS is a major that is growing in popularity; however, it is still unknown to many undergraduates. This thesis includes both research and creative aspects. The information gathered by research was used to generate the requirements for an information portal relating to the MIS program at the University of Northern Iowa (UNI). A portal is a one stop shop for information, resources, and tools relating to a specific topic, in this case, MIS. The primary purpose of the information portal is to be a resource of vital information relating to the MIS program at UNI. This portal is directed towards three primary audiences: prospective students, current students, and alumni. The portal provides information relating to what MIS is, why to choose MIS as a major, what MIS majors can do, and what the MIS program at UNI entails. In addition, the portal provides current undergraduates with key resources for success such as potential employers, what alumni have done, and job opportunities.

An information portal for the MIS program at the College of Business Administration at UNI (also referred to as UNIBusiness) does already exist; however, there are some issues with the current portal. The existing portal has not been maintained in some time and as such, it is not always the best source of information. In addition, technology has changed greatly in the just the past few years which has rendered the existing portal outdated. Currently the existing portal is not a centralized information source; information relating to MIS is currently scatted across the UNIBusiness site. Finally, the desires and expectations of students have changed greatly over the past few years. Since the portal is geared primarily towards students, it must meet their desires and expectations. It is a combination of these factors that prompted this thesis, the creation of an information portal for the MIS program at UNI.

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