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Syed Kirmani


Casinos--Middle West--Employees; Casinos--Economic aspects--Middle West;


The subject of casinos is constantly surrounded by debate. The proponents of casinos frequently say that casinos bring jobs, and therefore, they will reduce the unemployment rate. This study quantitatively analyzes this claim. Furthermore, previous research looked at either tribal or commercial casinos. This study looks at both tribal and commercial casinos so a comparison can be made between the impacts of the two types of casinos. The sample analyzed is a set of commercial and tribal casinos in eight Midwestern states. The findings are that a commercial casino entering a county is significantly negatively correlated with the unemployment rate, and a tribal casino entering a county is significantly positively correlated with the unemployment rate. However, the amount that the unemployment rate changes when a casino enters a county is so small that one wonders whether or not the effect on the unemployment rate should even be a consideration when deciding if a casino should open in a county.

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