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Sarah Rosol-Clark

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Katherine van Wormer


Corrections--Contracting out; Prisons--Technological innovations; Prisons--Finance;


The prison industry is not very transparent and not comprehensively researched either. Private prisons are meant to provide comparable care to state facilities while also saving government funds. Both facilities experience high burnout and turnover in employees, likely due to low job satisfaction as the prison environment is notoriously dangerous and unstable. Current prison trends include the use of technology systems such as radio frequency identification software (RFID), biometrics software, and telehealth systems for inmate health care, aimed at improving the prison environment. By comparing major differences between the public and private prison industries such as their labor forces and levels of bureaucracy, it is possible to speculate about how private prisons can use technology as compared to public institutions. Private prisons have advantages over public facilities that will allow private prisons to more easily finance and implement technology. The use of technology in the private prison environment may save money in the long run and put private prisons at a greater advantage over public prisons in terms of both quality and cost structure.

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Department of Management

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