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Language arts (Middle school)--Standards--United States; Language arts teachers--Attitudes; School librarians--Professional relationships; Teacher-librarians--Professional relationships;


School library literature contains a wealth of ideas about the ways in which school librarians can be instrumental in implementing the Common Core State Standards for English language arts (CCSS ELA Standards). However, professional literature and important documents in other fields do not promote the school librarian’s role in standards implementation. It is unclear whether or not ELA teachers are aware of how the school librarian can support CCSS instruction. The purpose of this research study was to ascertain the perceptions and values middle school ELA teachers have of the school librarian’s role in implementing CCSS ELA standards. The research also sought to determine if differences in these perceptions exist between participants with full-time school librarians in their schools and participants with part-time school librarians. 28 middle school ELA teachers completed surveys containing a Likert-like scale and open-ended questions addressing the degree of input by the school librarian they valued in specific areas of standards implementation. Using quantitative and qualitative methods to analyze responses, findings indicate that ELA teachers envision the school librarian aiding in the instruction of reading, research, and technology standards. The school librarian’s role as instructional partner is valued most highly in the implementation of the CCSS ELA Standards. Additionally, ELA teachers working with full-time librarians tend to value CCSS instructional support more than their counterparts with part-time librarians.

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