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Students who are not afforded with the opportunity to read for pleasure often become students who choose not to read once the required reward­-based reading system is removed (Pavonetti et al., 2002). Although anecdotal ideas for reading promotion are often shared in email, blogs, and journals, teacher librarians would benefit from a clear annotated list of reading promotion events designed to help them select a wide variety of events to create a planned sequence of events throughout the school year to best meet a variety of school and community needs.

The research based project is an annotated list of 31 pleasure reading promotional events designed to support teacher librarians in choosing reading promotion events to meet the needs of students in kindergarten through sixth grade. Events were selected for inclusion based upon the following criteria: the primary audience were students kindergarten through sixth grade; events were free or very low cost; events were not tied to extrinsic rewards (e.g. tokens), but could include literacy related rewards (e.g. books); and events could be implemented in one day or launched in one day with future follow up lessons and/or discussions.

New or experienced teacher librarians can use this list of 31 reading promotion events to incorporate events into their curriculum. Events were selectively chosen to only include events that could be implemented in one day’s time or launched in one day to allow for practicality. Therefore, choosing at least two events per month is a goal the researcher would encourage all readers of this project to adopt.

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