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Alphabet--Study and teaching (Early childhood);


This Action Research Project focuses on the effect of choice on students' acquisition of alphabet knowledge. In an early childhood classroom, two classes of 13 students and 12 students respectively were taught letter names and sounds using an “Action Alphabet”. The five-week long project focused on the students stating the name of the letter and then performing an action while making the sound for the letter. One group of students was shown predetermined actions to accompany the letter sounds. The other group of students was allowed to choose an action to accompany each letter. Each group was assessed on the name of the letter, its sound, and its action at the conclusion of each week. Results from the study indicate that students with choice had an increased performance in letter identification and enjoyment levels, but a decreased performance in letter sound/action production. Based on the results of this study, possible implications for early childhood educators were provided.

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Master of Arts


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Lynn E. Nielsen

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