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This study was done to determine the extent to which the two juvenile correctional institution libraries in Iowa met selected standards from Library Standards for Juvenile Correctional Institutions, prepared by the American Correctional Association. The hypothesis of the study was that neither of the institutions would meet 50% or more of the selected standards.

The two librarians completed a questionnaire and were also interviewed. The library at Eldora met over 50% of the selected standards. The librarian is a member of the educational and planning team. This facilitates the meeting of many of the standards. The library at Toledo met less than 50% of the selected standards. The librarian is not a member of the educational and planning team; therefore, she does not have the opportunity to develop plans to meet many of the selected standards.

Lack of a specific library budget caused some of the standards not to be met at both institutions. The establishment of a library budget was the main recommendation of this study. This will allow both librarians to plan and implement a library program. It was also recommended that the librarian at Toledo change her role by becoming a member of the educational and planning team.

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Leah Hiland


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