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The purpose of this study was to investigate the collection development process in lower school media centers in overseas American and international schools in Asia to see if the collections reflect the ethnic diversity of the student body.

Admissions Directors of the schools were asked to provide information regarding the citizenship of the students in kindergarten through grade five in their schools. A questionnaire was sent to the media specialists at the six schools in the International Association of Southeast Asian Schools conference. It was found that multicultural and international literature is addressed in less than sixty percent of the collection development policies. The collections in the schools surveyed contain less than twentyfive percent multicultural and international literature. The media specialists do not use any specialized bibliographies to select these kinds of materials. In a list of choices of general criteria used to select materials pertaining to multicultural and international literature, five of the six media specialists gave "worthy, up-to-date treatment of people and their cultures" the highest score. Half of the respondents to the questionnaire rated the availability of these kinds of literature in the lower half of possible scores. Two of the six media specialists have contacts or publishers in countries other than the United States from whom they order materials.

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