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This book is a descriptive and detailed account of the activities of the people that were involved in the Underground Railroad (UGRR) in Iowa. These activities also led to the Civil War and the abolishment of slavery. The history of the Underground Railroad in Iowa has not been told in an extended narrative. Fragments of the story appear in some historical texts but most information is scattered among uncollected documents such as diaries, records, and newspaper accounts. Historical facts not known before have been pulled together in one volume giving brief biographical sketches of the people and places directly involved in the movement. It is to be hoped that, this book will stimulate a renewed interest in Iowa history and the people that played vital roles in these events. An in depth study should be done at the local level so that this important segment of Iowa's story will not be lost. Books and materials housed in private, public, state and educational libraries and museums were investigated thoroughly. Visits were made to some of the UGRR stations still in existence. Iowa played a pivotal role in the UGRR and the Free Kansas Movement that eventually led to the Civil War and the abolishment of slavery.

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