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Fairy tales continue to be a very popular form of children's literature. The contributions that fairy tales make to children's developmental needs have been investigated by various experts, who have analyzed the stories in terms of the theories of Freud, Jung, Piaget, Kohlberg, and various social scientists. In view of the consensus that it is best if children have access to both a large number and a large variety of folk and fairy tales, a fair tale from a translation of the Grimms' collection was selected, retold, and illustrated. This was done in a manner responsive to the following developmental needs of children. The story had a short repetitive plot. Moral relationships in the story took place at the level of absolute constraint and/or at the level of reciprocity. The protagonist, who exhibited desirable character traits, was a character with whom children could identify. Violence that was an integral part of the plot, in the form of challenge of punishment, was stated in terms that were general, rather than graphically descriptive. An attempt was made to preserve the form and content of the tale through the use of the traditional language of folk literature.

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Elizabeth Martin


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