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The purpose of this action research study was to examine strategies to adapt and augment the curriculum and potentially promote participation and progress for students with learning disabilities within the general education setting.

The researcher chose to look at accommodations of library lessons for fourth grade students within her own library instruction. This methodology was selected based upon the researcher's interests and previous experience in teaching students with learning disabilities. The researcher developed lesson plans targeted at library skills within the general education setting and worked to include accommodations and augmentations for students with learning disabilities in accordance with Individualized Educational Plans. Participants included this researcher, one special education teacher, one building principal and the district director of special education services.

The researcher interviewed participants about accommodations and instruction. She also kept field notes about student observation and her instruction during four 40-minute sessions.

The researcher found that throughout the four lessons, students with learning disabilities, as well as students identified as English Language Learners, benefited from the accommodations provided by the teacher librarian. The result showed students of all academic levels learned the same research skills at their own comfort level. The researcher also found that in order to most effectively incorporate student accommodations for library skill lessons, collaborative planning sessions with the special education teacher were crucial. Throughout the lesson, each time an accommodation was used by a student, a tally was noted next to that accommodation on the lesson plan. The researcher found this system to be the most effective means of documentation.

The district schedule made it possible for general education and special education teachers to utilize 40 minutes per week for collaborative planning, though no time is set aside for specialist teachers (including teacher librarians) and special education teachers to collaborate. All interviewees concluded that expectations for achievement were the same for all students, regardless of academic ability. Results from standardized tests were used by this school to gauge student success, and teachers use both formal and informal assessments as data to show performance. Accommodations, acquired from a student's Individualized Educational Plan or Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol strategies, can be used for skills and objectives in all learning environments. Accommodations for student learning should be incorporated into the library curriculum, and finding time to collaborate with special education teachers must be a priority to ensure student success. Documentation of student accommodations can take place as both teaching and learning are occurring throughout the lesson. Future practice will include continual collaboration with. the teacher librarian and special education teacher as well as accommodations that can be utilized to promote success for high achieving students.

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