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To remain competitive in the twenty first (21) century, industries are forced to rapidly embrace new innovations in both automation technology and information technology. This rapidly changing technological landscape has created a state of flux for industries and academia alike.

What is required of most workers in this millennia across the globe is technical skills and this requirement is heightened for workforce with graduate degree credentials. Today's work force are required to constantly keep up with new productivity improvement concepts, tools, and technologies. This necessity mandate continues education throughout one's working age.

In order to conquer this phenomenon, institutes of higher education and specifically doctoral granting institutions should meet the job market requirement through their curriculum. Curriculum must satisfy not only the today's job market demands but also foresee the future needs of society in general and industry in particular. Graduate curriculum must be rigorous and up to date with new and future technological innovation, managerial concepts, and problem-solving techniques in the global setting.

This research study analyzed data obtained through Digest of Education Statistics and custom-made Web Scraping (also known as Web Harvesting or Web Data Extraction) algorithm to decipher the expectation of today's job market from graduates with doctoral degree in technology and to identify graduate curriculum needs. The recommendations of this study are applicable to Doctoral programs in Technology and similar doctoral degrees granted at various universities.

Curriculum meeting the job needs help graduates to be competent in job market and acquire job easily, in addition, help schools to gain significant edge in quality of their graduates. In this paper, data analytics is used to identify current job requirement for Doctoral of Technology and similar degree programs. Highly required skill and knowledge set are obtained from job posting website via web scraping to assess the job market demands.

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Shahram Varzavand


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