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This study examines the technology and technique that comprises the manufacturing of ceramic insert tools used in the machining environment. This descriptive research was developed by submitting information from actual North American producers of these products and reviewing their processes.

The research examines the types of ceramics produced, the manufacturing processes utilized, ceramic tool machining applications, and a review of the quality control methods that are used within this industry. Numerous manufacturing methods are used in producing ceramic tools. These methods are hot and cold pressing, isostatic pressing, and hot isostatic pressing. Most manufacturers use very high pressure pressing techniques to produce very fine grained and porous free ceramics. Ultrasonic and video graphic forms of defect detection are used along with in-process quality control methods.

The future of ceramic tools is very bright with the advent of higher horsepower machine tools and advances in composite ceramics. These tools are being revisited by users for their custom application abilities.

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Master of Arts


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J. Fecik


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Fall 1991

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