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During the middle 1980s there were several issues which faced the state. Declining enrollments, teacher shortages, funding issues, transportation issues and the poor economy were problems facing all school administrators, especially the administrator of the rural school district. Along with these issues, the state department of public instruction had also placed additional mandates on schools. There was a need to equalize the course offerings and available resources of the state's 80% rural population. Distance learning projects were becoming part of the Iowa countryside, however, legislators saw the need to focus in one direction, thus the inception of the Iowa Communications Network.

The purpose of this project was to describe the development of the Iowa Communications Network and to determine whether the Iowa Communications Network has relieved the pressures of the rural schools, and equalized the educational opportunities of the small and large school. This project describes the K-12 Educational Use Patterns of the Iowa Communications Network in the area referred to as Merged Area Eleven for the 1998-99 school year.

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Barbara Safford


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