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This study was designed to better define the status of library instruction at high schools contributing a large portion of freshmen to the University of Northern Iowa. Skills surveyed were those recommended by authorities in the field of library instruction and those identified by university reference personnel as causing problems for university freshmen. Additional information was gathered concerning materials and :facilities at UNI and the surveyed schools.

Findings related to the hypotheses are as follows. Data showed that the UNI print collection was twenty-eight times larger than the average collection of the largest school enrollment category. Less than fifty percent of those schools surveyed reported having either m:icrafilm or microfiche. Over fifty percent of the library media specialists surveyed taught skills in orientation and library citizenship. Less than fifty percent of those surveyed taught organization of resources skills, selection and retrieval of resources skills, utilization of resources skills, study skills, and production skills. Less than fifty percent of the library media specialists surveyed instructed students in identification and description of a specific information need, subject reference sources and indexes other than the Readers' Guide, classification systems other than the Dewey Decimal System, limitations of the location~ tools included in the school library media center collection, the research process, and the importance of examining all sides of an issue. Less than fifty percent of the library media specialists surveyed reported having a program which was written and sequentially planned.

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Leah Hiland


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