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Knowing and learning about local history is considered to be important by both Iowa and Illinois State Departments of Education. School Districts have directed their teachers to teach the history of the state as well as the local community. The Mississippi River acts as a border between the two states and has played an important part in the development of villages and towns up and down the river. Living in towns that border the Mississippi River most of my life, I recognize the history that has played out in many of the locations from both sides of the river. Having become a teacher that needs to teach that history, I found that there were not a lot of materials readily available that included the towns in Iowa and Illinois that go from Dubuque to Keokuk in Iowa and East Dubuque to Hamilton in Illinois. Mississippi River Towns: From Dubuque, Iowa to Hamilton, Illinois will give information about neighboring communities that students from both sides of the Mississippi River will recognize. It will give them a source to refer to when wanting to know more about the communities that surround their town. Learning about local history can be revealing as well as exciting.

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Lynn Nielsen


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