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Flipped classrooms; Low-income students;


This purpose of this research is to determine whether using a flipped classroom is as effective for students in low-income schools as it is for students in wealthy school districts. A review of the literature is performed to determine what is the underlying philosophy of using a flipped classroom as well as determining barriers that may inhibit its effectiveness.

Control and treatment groups were determined so that data could be compared between a “traditional” classroom and a “flipped” classroom. The students in the treatment group were given a Pre-Unit Survey to determine a baseline of their perceptions of flipped learning. The students also completed the same survey after experiencing a flipped unit. The control and treatment groups were given a common assessment to compare their mastery of the content. A sub-group of the flipped learners were interviewed after the unit to gain deeper insight to their perceptions.

Although the sample size was too small to show a statistical difference between control and treatment groups, the Pre- and Post-Unit Surveys showed an increase in preference for flipped learning as well as an increase in perceived effectiveness of flipped classroom

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