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Research on academic advising in higher education has consistently shown that students value the advising relationship as a crucial component to their success. The delivery systems of advising vary from faculty advising to full-time professional advisors. Whatever the delivery system, students have expressed the desire for an individualized advising relationship (Gordon, 1992). The concept of developmental advising grew out of the desire for personal attention in the 1970s and 1980s. Crookston (1972), for example, described the developmental relationship not only as advising but as teaching. That is, it is a relationship based on negotiated agreements on who takes initiative and responsibility rather than the more traditional prescriptive advising relationship based on authoritarianism. Winston, Ender, and Miller (1982) define developmental advising as ''advising that both stimulates and supports students in their quest for an enriched quality of life; it is a systematic process based on a close student-advisor relationship intended to aid students in achieving educational and personal goals."(p. 8).

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Michael D. Waggoner


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