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Both elementary and secondary aged school students are required to recognize and understand various common literary devices that are employed in the fictional literature they read. In order to facilitate this learning process, using appropriate trade picture storybooks combined with traditional textbook literature may better serve to enhance student comprehension of literary devices. An examination of the past five (1980-1985) years of picture storybook reviews from The Horn Book Magazine has revealed that the picture book genre does exhibit a broad spectrum of common literary devices such as satire, analogy, flashback, and metaphor. During a single class session carefully selected picture storybooks, because of their concise simplicity, may aid students at all grade levels from elementary through at least junior high to more successfully internalize new and complex literary concepts faster and more easily than by using textbook literature or on-grade-level literary material alone.

To this end, an annotated bibliography of useful picture storybooks which demonstrate the presence of specific literary devices has been prepared for class study, as needed, by teachers of elementary or junior high school aged students. Picture storybook examples have been alphabetically arranged by author under twenty-nine, also alphabetically listed, topic categories ranging from 'Alliteration' through 'Understatement'. Books which exhibit more than one literary device are listed again in each additional category. Each entry includes complete bibliographic information, a brief annotation describing the book's plot, and enough information to illustrate how the literary device is operating in the book. Rather than to assign arbitrary grade level designations to each picture storybook example, enough book selections exist per category to permit the professional educator and media specialist suitable choices from which to select books helpful to individual class needs regardless of student age. No grade level designation has thus been assigned to any picture storybook example. It is suggested that this bibliography be added to by the professional user as new trade material becomes available.

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