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Oral reading; Teenagers--Books and reading; Preteens--Books and reading; Empathy in children;


The purpose of this study was twofold: to develop criteria to analyze literature and determine if it would make a good classroom read aloud, then to apply this criteria to three young adult texts identified by Jen Scott Curwood's (2012) in Redefining Normal: A Critical Analysis of (Dis)ability in Young Adult Literature as appropriately depicting teens with disabilities to determine if they would make good classroom read aloud selections. The researcher developed seven criteria by which to judge texts and identified themes within the readings that encompassed the traits the studied texts all possessed in regard to the research questions. The criteria determined to analyze the texts include vocabulary at or above grade level; appropriate social emotional content; plot driven engaging/ exciting; novelty, humor, conflict, or suspense used for attention purposes; believability; experience different from own to promote learning; and appropriate amount of dialogue. Applying this criteria revealed three themes. In response to the question, what characteristics of a text make it a good candidate for a read-aloud for young adults, the theme necessity of immediate connection to teen real-life experiences arose. The second theme that emerged from the data in response to the research question, what benefits do accurate depictions of teens with disabilities bring to read alouds, was accurate depictions create believability. The last theme, intellectual freedom does not equate to appropriate for all occasions, arose from the research question, what qualities do these YA texts possess that may or may not situate them as strong candidates for read-alouds?

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Karla Krueger


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