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Children's literature--Technique; Local history; Historic bridges--Black Hills (S.D. and Wyo.);


The history of the Pigtail Bridges in the Black Hills of South Dakota is an interesting historical story that in children's non-fiction books has not told. Three questions that guided this research were what the best layout/design is for a children's book on the Pigtail Bridges, how does an author select the content for a children's book on a local history topic like the Pigtail Bridges, and what is the most appropriate text structure for this content? The purpose of this research project was to create a non-fiction children's book about the history of the Pigtail Bridges in the Black Hills of South Dakota. A History of the Pigtail Bridges in South Dakota is a non-fiction book that teachers could use to enhance South Dakota State curriculum. It may also appeal to anyone interested in learning more about those who helped open the Black Hills to visitors.

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Master of Arts


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Karla Krueger


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