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Children--Books and reading; Reading--Parent participation; Information literacy--Study and teaching (Elementary); Libraries and continuing education;


The purpose of this study was to analyze and describe parent perspectives and aspirations related to their child's information literacy, lifelong reading, and digital literacy skills and the role of the school library program to enhance these skills. Four parents of fourth or fifth grade students in a rural Iowa district were asked questions regarding their knowledge of the current library program and how the library curriculum could improve to better aid their children as they progress through school. Three research questions guided the interviews: I.What do parents already know about their children's skills in information literacy, lifelong reading, and digital literacy?; 2. What expectations do parents have for the school library and librarian regarding instruction to enhance their child's skills in information literacy, lifelong reading, and digital literacy?; and 3. How do parents envision the school library being utilized in their child's education? Analysis of this data showed that the parents interviewed from this community were unaware of how the library fit their children's education. Parents also expressed an overwhelming desire for the library to become a more central hub for engagement with reading and learning to read for pleasure. The findings are consistent with prior studies by Deskins (2011) and Murvosh (2013) regarding parent involvement in the library, as well as Thweatt (2012), Harris (2015) and Everhart and Mardis (2014) regarding parent outreach and interactions with literacy programs designed by the school library.

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Karla Krueger


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