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This paper is a review of available studies and literature published over the past ten years. Its purpose is to suggest the need for elementary students, third, fourth, and fifth graders in particular, to become computer literate. It is also the intent of this paper to suggest, as an alternate to in-school computer instruction, a summer computer camp as a viable means of introducing elementary students to microcomputers, their uses, and how to program in BASIC. The literature was reviewed to find 1. a common definition for the term "computer literacy" , 2. the need for an elementary school computer literacy program, 3. overall goals of such a computer literacy program, 4. student objectives of such a program, and 5. to be able to use this knowledge in order to develop a summer computer camp for elementary children, grades 3-5. A study of the literature reveals that computer literacy for elementary students should be an immediate goal for all educators. As technology keeps advancing rapidly, the idea of waiting until high school or junior high level before introducing computers into the elementary school curriculum becomes quickly outdated. Studies show that elementary students are very capable of working with and learning about computers. The review finally indicates that now is the time to begin development and implementation of a computer literacy program for the elementary school student. Because of a demand for a computer literacy program at the elementary level, this writer has developed a computer literacy program in the form of a summer computer camp and offers it as a feasible means to teach computer literacy to elementary school students. In view of the current literature and the need for computer literate elementary students, it appears that such a computer camp would be in order.

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Master of Arts in Education


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Roger A. Kueter


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