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School administrators -- Attitudes; Teacher-administrator relationships; Student-administrator relationships;


Education in today's society has transformed almost completely and has changed dramatically. The techniques and curricula have shifted as students have change. The family unit is different now because of socio-economic problems, divorce, and single parent homes. Many values and beliefs taught in the past at home are now taught and learned in the schools. With both parents working in many families, quality time with children diminishes and is sometimes nonexistent. This quality time is where children learn morals, manners, and social interactions. Currently, children come to school without these appropriate social skills and it is up to the school to carry the burden of teaching these skills. Teachers are considered to be positive role models and by their demonstration of these skills in the classroom, children can learn to model these behaviors. According to Barth (1990), research suggests that students who experience pressure to obey will develop character and skills necessary to succeed throughout life. As society has changed, so has the student population. Schools have a difficult time keeping up with all the changes and pressures occurring in society. Students have changed dramatically as social entities have been the driving force of young people. These social vices are numerous. Drugs, alcohol, gang related crimes, sexual relations, and fatal sexually transmitted diseases have been 2 catalysts as to why children have matured very quickly. Recreational media like television and movies have made these children more informed about such social issues. Another driving force in a child's life is peer pressure. Belonging to a peer group is vitally important for shaping identity and values. Children also seem to learn an abundant amount of knowledge, both helpful and detrimental, about society and life in general from their peer group. These social vices are just one of the modifiers that have changed education as a career and made it a great challenge. Since students are more of a challenge the school system needs to modify its' processes so it can better serve the needs of all types of students. The standard paradigms of schools have remained constant in an inconsistent society. Barth (1990) indicates that if schools are to transform and improve, then educators need to be risk-takers, and input new and unusual ideas into the school system. By taking creative risks, the paradigms of schools will be able to shift so that our educational system can better educate the children of today.

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Master of Arts in Education


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Norman McCumsey


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