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Ginny is a 25 year old nursing student who returned to school to become a Registered Nurse following several years of practice as a Licensed Practical Nurse. In class she rarely or never asked a question. When called on she blushed and kept her eyes lowered. After failing several examinations, Ginny came to see the writer for help. She expressed surprise that she wasn't doing very well as she studied many hours for each exam. She reported that she worried a great deal about continuing to fail examinations and was really disgusted with herself. Ginny related an astonishing array of physiological symptoms on the day of an examination including an inability to sleep or eat, nausea, lightheadedness, and a feeling of impending doom. Upon entering the classroom for the exam, Ginny's head would begin to throb; her heart would pound (almost audibly, she suspected) and her palms would perspire profusely. She expressed serious doubts about her intellectual abilities even though she had completed university level science courses.

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Master of Arts in Education


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Ann Vernon


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