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Engaging all students in books and helping them develop the habit of reading is an important goal of every school librarian. In 2007 the National Endowments for the Arts compiled data in the report To Read or Not To Read that showed there was a decline in the frequency of leisure reading in students between the ages of nine and thirteen (NEA, 2007). The investigations in this study are in response to the findings of the National Endowments of the Arts (2007) report. In this study three research questions were investigated: (a) the differences in participating reluctant readers' total scores in the Elementary Reading Attitude Survey (ERAS) (McKenna and Kerr, 1990) after school librarian intervention compared to their scores before the intervention; (b) the differences in participating reluctant readers' individual item scores in the ERAS after school librarian intervention, compared to their scores before the intervention; (c) in what ways might the characteristics of the participating reluctant readers' interests and perceptions indicated in the informal interviews have been influenced by the school librarian's intervention? The students completed the Elementary Reading Attitude Survey before and after the intervention and the researcher met informally with each student every other day to discuss with them about their reading experience.

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Master of Arts


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Karla Krueger


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