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The purpose of this study was to investigate books about divorce which can be used with elementary children. Results of this investigation were compiled in an annotated bibliography of fiction books to be used by students, teachers, guidance counselors, and media specialists in elementary schools. A comprehensive chart of readability, child of divorce, and divorce related problems was compiled and some interesting comparisons and conclusions were made. The number of books located was not as many as expected. The majority of books were located in Fry readability level three. The many feelings and emotions experienced by children of divorce, as stated in the research, were discovered throughout the fiction books, Thirty of of the thirty-five books had the mother as the custodial parent, with only four books portraying the father as the custodial parent. Delinquency was involved in the plot in only three books, with none of the stories having children involved with alcohol or drugs.

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Master of Arts


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Elizabeth Martin


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