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As education in the United States continues to grow in importance, a number of factors that influence the learning process become increasingly significant. The use of educational media in the schools is one of the problems facing teachers and administrators. Technology in the media field has a marked tendency to move ahead much faster that the ability of educators to put these new tools to use. One such example of this dilemma is the video tape recorder.

As more and more Iowa school districts purchase video tape equipment, the question of utilization of this apparatus becomes important. It is necessary that the VTR be used extensively for a school district to get its money's worth from this rather expensive equipment.

It is possible that the VTR is being used as much as
possible in Iowa schools. However, it seems quite likely that some schools have purchased multi-thousand dollar dust collectors because the instructional staff is not aware of the possible uses of this equipment in the educational process.

It will be the purpose of this survey to determine how the VTR is being used, how much it is being used, and who is operating it in the secondary schools of Iowa.

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