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Children associate with each other every day. They work, play, and have fun together in school church, organizations, recreation, etc. For many children much of this association is limited to others of their own race. How, then, do they learn to accept others of different races? How do they learn to work, play, and have fun with these children? Integration has forced the association of white children with black children, but this does not always bring acceptance, and acceptance is the beginning of a total relationship.

It is the intent of this paper to show how children's literature can promote a better understanding between races. Through the citing of several pieces of literature and through an extensive literature search, it will be shown how literature depicting the black race can emulate, neutralize, or degrade this race.

The paper has been set up beginning with a brief history of the black's presentation in children's literature and proceeded by a presentation of basic assumptions which explain how the black image is projected in literature. The major areas of the study are concerned with the presentation of the black's life styles and the presentation of the illustrations of the black in children's literature.

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Mary Lou McGrew


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