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Makerspaces in libraries; Science--Study and teaching (Elementary)--Middle West; Art--Study and teaching (Elementary)--Middle West; Active learning;


Note: This study refers to three co-researchers who each collected data in their respective schools and collaborated in reviewing that data, but each separately authored a paper using that data; the co-researchers are Sara Pflughaupt and Lisa Tegels.

The purpose of this mixed methods case study was to find out how makerspace use might influence an inquiry-based focus in student learning through the use of design thinking. The researchers were interested in how makerspaces support the National School Library Standards and local school district goals. This study investigated literacy, critical thinking, and inquiry-based processes that might justify having a makerspace in an elementary school library.

Data analyzed from teacher librarian reflections, collaborating teacher questionnaires, and student artifact evaluation resulted in the identification of six general themes. The teacher librarian descriptions and reflections indicated that makerspaces provided support for district initiatives as well as the need for more student reflection time. According to the collaborating teachers, students showed personal curiosity, engaged in inquiry for individual growth, and were likely to engage in more diverse reading due to their makerspace projects. Student artifact data showed that a majority of students (mean=61%) who participated in the makerspace projects met standards from AASL, CCSS ELA, and NGSS that were addressed in the study

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