General Education Re-envisioning Committee

General Education Re-envisioning Committee

On Monday, November 13, Faculty Senate passed a proposal for the re-envisioning of the Liberal Arts Core, UNI's General Education Program. Included in the proposal is a charge to the committee, as well as a list of committee members.

Charge: The Committee to Re-envision the GEP will be responsible for guiding the process of reimagining General Education at the University of Northern Iowa. The process for developing a new General Education Program will come in two phases and will be collaborative and inclusive. Phase I will include crafting a bold mission statement, developing student learning outcomes, and considering the naming of UNI’s GEP; the first phase will end with endorsement from the college senates, the Liberal Arts Core Committee, the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (UCC), and the Faculty Senate.

Phase II will include aligning current courses, and possibly new courses, within a structure that allows students to meet the learning goals; students must be able to complete the program within 36 credit hours and the program must be delivered using current resources and even work towards realizing efficiencies. The committee will also determine how the new GEP will be coordinated, including administrative and faculty oversight. The structure, courses, and oversight will be reviewed to make certain that student curricular needs will be met and then will be endorsed, again, by the college senates, the Liberal Arts Core Committee, and the UCC, before going to the Faculty Senate for final approval.

Phase I Committee Members
Brenda Bass, Dean, CSBS (Co-Chair) Angie Cox, Library Jeff Morgan, CHAS
John Fritch, Dean, CHAS, (Co-Chair) Mary Donegan-Ritter, COE Steve O'Kane, CHAS
CJ (Carlos) Aldape, NISG Deedee Heistad, Dir, Undergrad Studies John Ophus, LAC Fellow
Heather Asmus, Advising Chuck Holcombe, CSBS Susan Hill, CHAS
Tristan Bernhard, NIGS Ana Kogl, CSBS Jeremy Schraffenberger, CHAS
Adam Butler, CSBS Ken McCormick, CBA Doug Shaw, CHAS
Jonathan Chenoweth, CHAS Ryan McGeogh, CHAS

Phase II Committee Members
Brenda Bass, Dean, CSBS, Co-Chair Ana Kogl, CSBS, Co-Chair Liaisons (to be consulted):
Mary Donegan-Ritter, COE Ryan McGeough, CHAS Library: Angela Pratesi
Susan Hill, CHAS Jeff Morgan, CHAS CETL: Jonathan Chenoweth
Charles Holcombe, CSBS John Ophus, Undergraduate Studies Advising: Heather Asmus
Lisa Jepsen, CBA Jeremy Schrafenberger, CHAS NGIS: TBD


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