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Creating Border Convergence Between Science and Language: A Case for the Science Writing Heuristic

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Science Inquiry, Argument and Language: A Case for the Science Writing Heuristic

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In considering the language connections inherent in the Science Writing Heuristic (SWH) approach, the focus is on this basic tenet: There is no science without language. In this chapter, we explore this very basic philosophical underpinning in relation to the work of SWH approach teachers in Grades K-12 as well as college settings; and we focus on how the language connections are not a "sidebar" activity but are an integral, essential element to the work of scientists, as well as students of all ages taking up the work of scientists in classrooms. This exploration will include language using different modes (talking, listening, reading, writing, enacting, visualizing) and forms (fiction, nonfiction, letters, poems, etc.), and for different audiences.


Jacobson Center for Comprehensive Literacy

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