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Cooperating Teachers; Elementary Secondary Education; Higher Education; Preservice Teacher Education; Program Effectiveness; Program Evaluation; Questionnaires; Self Evaluation (Individuals); Student Teacher Attitudes; Student Teacher Evaluation; Teacher Effectiveness


A survey was conducted on the quality of preparation in teacher education of student teachers at the University of Northern Iowa and their performance level during student teaching. Student teachers were asked to assess teacher education program contributions to 29 competencies relevant to teaching effectiveness; plus their overall teacher effectiveness. Similarly; cooperating teachers were asked to assess the same competencies as exhibited by the student teachers they supervised. Of the 369 (78.5 percent) questionnaires returned; 192 were from student teachers and 177 were from cooperating teachers. Data analysis was based on matched pairs of responses. An overall summary of the ratings by student teachers and cooperating teachers is presented. In 29 items; cooperating teacher ratings of student teacher competencies exceeded student teacher ratings of program contributions to these competencies. No significant difference was found to exist between process and performance as rated by the two groups of matched respondents. It was apparent that student teachers have "unrealistic optimism" because they rated their "overall teaching performance" higher than any of the 29 competencies that contributed to their skills. Two competency areas appeared among the lowest five ratings of both groups: "stimulating students to be independent learners" and "working with/utilizing community resources." Although rather limited samples of both student teacher and cooperating teacher ratings were involved in this study; the results identify some concerns worthy of consideration and point up the need for follow-up studies. A copy of the questionnaire is appended. (JD)


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