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Cooperating Teachers; Elementary Secondary Education; Interpersonal Relationship; Leadership; Mentors; Role Models; Student Teaching; Teacher Behavior; Teacher Characteristics


This study sought to find out if mentoring styles were used by cooperating teachers as perceived by student teachers during their clinical field experience. After a specific mentoring model was constructed; the objectives of the study were to identify leadership behaviors cooperating teachers used; to determine if any of the inferred mentoring styles that incorporated the leadership behaviors tested were dominant; and to determine if any of these leadership behaviors or mentoring styles influenced a student teacher's success as measured by a final evaluation checklist. The Leader Behavior Description Questionnaire Form XII was administered to 212 University of Northern Iowa student teachers during the final week of the clinical field experience. The questionnaire sought responses on 12 leadership behaviors and 4 mentoring styles. It was found that cooperating teachers used multiple leadership practices and these flexible practices were observable by student teachers. A cooperating teacher's leadership behaviors both positively and negatively influenced a student teacher's success. The interrelatedness of the leadership behaviors with the mentoring styles was significant for all four mentoring styles. A cooperating teacher's mentoring style can positively; negatively; and neutrally affect a student teacher's success. It was also found that cooperating teachers who have a closer relationship with their student teachers will evaluate them higher. It is suggested that there is a need to know why some mentoring styles and behaviors positively; negatively and neutrally affect a student teacher's success. (JD)


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