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Computer Applications: Using a Data Base


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Behavioral Objectives; Business Education; Computer Literacy; Computer Science Education


This unit of instruction provides the teacher with assistance when teaching database use on the computer in secondary and postsecondary business education classes. Section I is the introduction addressed to the teacher. It provides instruction on how to proceed with the unit; types of software available; and where to use this material within the business curriculum. Section II; the introduction of a database to the student; provides a suggestion for getting started. This initial instruction includes lecture; discussion; and explanation of terms to the students. Some exercises are provided to help students visually understand what a database program will do. Examples are provided for a learning activity (creating a membership list) for four software programs: Appleworks; Data Handler; dBase III; and PFS: File. The activities for use in the classroom are designed to provide the teacher with two applications for the use of a database. These two activities provide instructional objectives; information for creating and using a database; and information for printing useful reports. Information is provided to help students develop additional activities with the software program. An appendix contains explanations of terminology; sample printed reports from the learning activity; and a list of references. (YLB)


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