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Bachelors Degrees; Education Work Relationship; Employment Experience; Employment Level; Graduate Study; Graduate Surveys; Higher Education; Majors (Students); Professional Education; Social Work; Social Workers; Work Attitudes


A followup survey was conducted of baccalaureate-level graduates of the University of Northern Iowa (UNI) Department of Social Work to develop a database on graduates' career activities and to determine the market for the Masters of Social Work (MSW) program as well as graduates' view of the efficacy of the social work major. Of 538 graduates mailed a questionnaire; 172 responded. Findings include the following: 65 percent were either working full-time; part-time; or were enrolled full-time in a graduate social work program; 11 percent had not obtained a social work position; most graduates were employed by agencies in urban areas and most worked for public agencies; most worked in Iowa; most were providing direct client services; while 30 percent were supervisors; coordinators; directors; and in other indirect service positions; males earned $18;032; while females earned $16;842; most were satisfied with their current position; and only 13 percent were dissatisfied; 60 percent believed they were well prepared for entry into social work; and 20 percent thought they were poorly or very poorly prepared; and 22 percent had earned an MSW or were enrolled in graduate studies. Graduates' suggestions for improving the social work program are included. (SW)


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