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Colleges and Schools: Partners for Iowa's Education


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Cooperating Teachers; Cooperative Programs; Educational History; Elementary Secondary Education


The normal school began in Iowa in 1849; developed early partnerships with local districts; and evolved into the current situation of 29 teacher education institutions (TEIs). By 1980; 42.5% of Iowa's population was rural; a 1981-1982 study showed 37.5% of Iowa's students were in rural districts. A follow-up placement study of the University of Northern Iowa's 1981 teacher education graduates showed 37.8% found rural placement in other states and 31.5% found rural jobs in Iowa. Since only one TEI was located in a rural place; it became clear that partnerships to prepare teachers for rural places must involve urban TEIs working with rural local school districts (LSDs). A 1984 study requested information from the 29 TEIs about their partnerships with LSDs and private schools and the number of cooperating teachers involved. Each of the responding 27 TEIs was in partnership with 1 or more LSDs or private schools--in or beyond Iowa--for a total of 264 LSDs; 61 private schools; and 1;510-1;688 cooperating teachers. The number of partnerships per TEI ranged from 0-45; with an average of 12. Two-thirds of the reporting TEIs were partners with 1 or more rural schools for a total of 102; or 31.4%; rural school partnerships. (BRR)


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