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A Lifestyle Intervention Study In Patients With Diabetes Or Impaired Glucose Tolerance: Translation Of A Research Intervention Into Practice

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Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine





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Objective: The objectives of this study were to translate a research-validated lifestyle modification curriculum of the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) into a community-based program delivered by trained graduate students on a university campus and determine whether this delivery approach is effective in lowering risk factors of type 2 diabetes in at-risk adults. Methods: A convenience sample of 29 prediabetic or type 2 diabetic patients completed a 12-month behavior modification intervention to achieve and maintain at least 7% weight loss and become more active. Changes in weight, waist and hip circumferences, blood pressure, metabolic biomarkers, physical activity levels, and medication were assessed. Results: At 6 and 12 months, 39% and 56% of patients had lost ≥5% of their weight. The mean weight loss at 12 months was 6%. Significant improvements were noted in most other anthropometric measurements and diastolic BP (-4.1 mm Hg). Significant reductions in total cholesterol (-11.7%), LDL-C (-7.6%), and HDL-C (-6.5%) were observed by 6 months but not at 12 months. Fasting glucose (-12%), systolic BP (-8.4 mm Hg), and diastolic BP (-7.0 mm Hg) were significantly improved in a subgroup of participants with at least 5% weight loss. HbA1c levels were associated with percentage weight loss. Twenty-seven percent of participants on diabetes medication had their drug discontinued. Conclusion: Weight-related findings of this study are comparable with those of the DPP. DPP curriculum implemented in a nonclinical setting can help some adults at-risk for or in early stages of diabetes improve anthropometric and certain metabolic outcomes.


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