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Self-Acceptance In The Education And Counseling Of Young People

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The Strength of Self-Acceptance: Theory, Practice and Research

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The contributors to this chapter all share a common view that central to an understanding of the emotional difficulties of young people as well as their happiness and life satisfaction is “self-acceptance.” We all believe that as a strength of character, self-acceptance provides young people with a way of looking at the world and, in particular, how they consider their own value and self-worth and leads to their emotional regulation, resilience (e.g., Bernard, 2004a; Bernard & Pires, 2006) as well as their willingness to experience life and grow. We recognize the central importance that schools and homes play in supporting the development of children's self-acceptance. This chapter will focus on the different ways that self-acceptance can be communicated and taught in schools to young people of all ages who may or may not be experiencing problems of adjustment.


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