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This record is for an updated and expanded version of a previous version with the same title published in 2022.

See the related textbook, Comprehensive Musicianship: A Practical Resource, for more information.

See the accompanying workbook, Workbook for Comprehensive Musicianship: A Practical Resource, for more information.

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This supplement was designed to help students build a strong foundation in aural training and sight singing by progressing through the core rhythmic and melodic patterns that are found in music. Through the progression of content, students will build skills in pattern recognition and an understanding of how music functions. Rhythms for each section include single and two-part examples as well as pitched examples for use in aural training. Melodies for each section include single line melodies, canons, duets, and chorales. Melodies were designed to be easily accessible for students with basic keyboard skills, and were written without articulation and dynamic markings to allow students and instructors the flexibility to personalize them. -- Provided by the publisher


Musical meter and rhythm--Studies and exercises; Singing--Instruction and study;

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Aural Training and Sight Singing Supplement for Comprehensive Musicianship: A Practical Resource [2023]



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