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As the population of the world continues to increase, so does energy consumption. At the same time, available fossil fuels continue to be depleted. Knowing these two facts, there is a need to find additional sources of energy. Photovoltaic panels (solar panels) are front and center of the renewable energy available options.

Exploring the practical use of infrared thermal imaging for data collection and maintenance of photovoltaic panels is the main objective of this study. In this research, three unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) flights were completed to obtain thermal imaging of the Cedar Falls Utilities Solar Field with various dates and weather.

The images obtained by the UAV show varying temperatures of solar panels. The comparison between the power output of the solar garden and the temperature of the panels themselves, did not show any significant correlation. The research opened up more questions and shows the need for more research on the topic of how to utilize drone and thermography technology to assist utility companies.

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Master of Arts


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Ali Kashef, Chair

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