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Drafters--Education; Industrial designers--Education; Industrial design--Management;


The purpose of the study, was to determine the importance of identified duties to the career success of a newly hired design/drafting employee aspiring to become a supervisor or manager as perceived by design/drafting managers and university professors. An opinionnaire was developed which consisted of 141 tasks which were grouped into 13 general duties. The 13 duties represented the job functions for design/drafting managers. The opinionnaire was validated utilizing a jury of experts consisting of eight design/drafting managers and five university professors. It was then mailed to the membership of the American Design Drafting Association (ADDA) who identified themselves as design/drafting managers, and to university professors listed in the Industrial Teacher Education Directory and identified in the area of drafting, design/drafting, design, CAD or engineering graphics.

The two groups surveyed for this study were asked to rate the importance of each task to the career success of a newly hired design/drafting employee aspiring to become a supervisor or manager. Each task was rated by the respondents as (1) Not Essential, (2) Somewhat Essential, or (3) Essential. Of the 469 surveys mailed to the two populations, design/drafting managers returned 80 (39.22%) of 204 opinionnaires, and educators returned 69 (26.04%) of 265 opinionnaires.

The results indicated, all 13 identified duties were rated by both groups as at least Somewhat Essential, and 7 were rated Essential by both groups. It can be concluded that the 13 identified duties are important, and should be included in a design/drafting management curriculum. In comparing the mean responses of the two groups, four duties were rated significantly different and in each case the university professors rated the duty higher than the design/drafting managers.

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