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Nursing schools--United States--Faculty; Universities and colleges--United States--Faculty; College teachers--Job satisfaction--United States;


It is widely known that a nursing shortage exists in the health care field today. Less well known is the existence of a nurse educator shortage. Most research has been directed toward investigating the nursing shortage in general rather than the nurse educator shortage in particular. Research on job satisfaction among nurse educators has received recent attention and has been regarded as the most urgent and immediate step in ameliorating the nurse educator shortage.

The purpose of this study was to investigate job satisfaction among nurse educators in private colleges and universities in a midwestern state. In addition to investigating overall job satisfaction, satisfaction with three job facets (the work itself, collegiality, and workload) and their effect on overall job satisfaction was assessed. Demographic factors consisting of years of teaching and level of education were also investigated to determine their effect on overall job satisfaction. Alderfer's E.R.G. theory consisting of three core human needs (existence, relatedness, and growth) was the theoretical foundation for the study.

Results of the study showed nurse educators (N = 85) were satisfied with their job in general, and satisfied with collegiality and the work itself in particular. Contrary to what was expected, about half of the nurse educators were not satisfied with their workloads while half were satisfied. Workload, collegiality, and the work itself were predictive of overall job satisfaction and moreover, collegiality was the most predictive of overall job satisfaction. No significant relationships were found between overall job satisfaction and the demographic factors consisting of level of education and years of teaching. The interlinking characteristic of human needs postulated in Alderfer's E.R.G. theory was supported by the findings of this study. Further research on job satisfaction is recommended.

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