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Embedded computer systems--Testing; Motor vehicles--Electronic equipment--Testing; Costs; Industrial--Middle West; Engineering economy--Middle West;


As the use of electronics and software in the modern off road vehicles tend to increase, there is a huge challenge of getting the electronics and software tested before making it available for customer use. There are a lot of interactions between the hardware and software for the vehicle to function. And with the amount of interactions in the hardware and software come a lot of problems in verifying the functionality of the vehicle. If proper verification is neglected, the customer might end up getting an unsafe vehicle which can lead to serious consequences. To make these vehicles safe and more efficient, major manufacturers are using vehicle simulators where the test engineers can perform numerous automated and manual tests. Once these tests are executed, the reports are gathered for further analysis of the faults occurred at various stages of testing. The analysis is further used to find the root cause of the failure to prevent it from reoccurring before the new product is passed for production. This study investigates the amount of time consumed on results reporting processes involved in the overall analysis of test results in a heavy off road vehicle manufacturing company in Midwest. The experiment and recommended improvements in this study will help make the company’s process of results reporting more efficient and effective. In the end of this study conclusion and some recommendations for further studies are discussed to efficiently utilize resources in software verification and validation process of this Midwestern Company.

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Ali Kashef

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